Paperless Post - July Favorite

You guys seem to love it when I share my current favorite products with you so I think I am going to start sharing a few every month right here on the blog!

To kick it off, I wanted to share a website that I recently found rather than a “product”. Paperless Post is my latest obsession. This website offers online invitations, cards and flyers in various GORGEOUS styles. They have cards for pretty much any occasion too - birthdays, weddings, parties, professional events, greetings, etc… Just looking through their cards makes me want to throw a summer party! :D I saved a few of my favorites to share with you:

You can customize the cards super easily, upload your own designs, upload CSV, export guest lists, collect RSVP’s and lots more. And don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming, the process is super simple and guides you through the whole thing. I love how easy, accessible and cheap it is too. You just can’t go wrong!

Online invitations were never something I even considered until I came across this place. The designs are so unique and different than store bought ones which also really caught my eye.

Online invitations honestly save SO much time and make planning super easy. No more filling out address after address and paying for postage stamps again and again - all you need is an email! (I believe some options like flyers also allow you to send them via text or other messaging apps as well.)

Let me know if you all check out this website and use some of their designs! I’d love to hear what parties you are planning!!