Hello, I'm McKenna Munden!

I am a 21 year old freelance photographer and blogger currently based out of North Carolina! Home is back in Montana though.

I have loved creating since I was very little. I practically lived and breathed art and music and even took up the trumpet (which I am now going on 11 years playing)! Music is also the reason I met my husband! We both majored in music our first years in college and the rest is history.

I began photography in middle school with just very simple self styled shoots and my love for it grew from there. I learned as much as I could whenever I could and brought my camera with me everywhere. 

Soon after that I began photographing other people and thus my photography business was born!

Besides photography, I also have a passion for fashion, love Pinterest and Instagram, my four cats, family and friends, kayaking, vintage market searching, and so much more.