Its Me

I have FINALLY taken some updated pictures of myself so I think it might also be time to re-introduce myself to all of you since my following has grown and changed so much since I first started!

I guess lets just start at the very beginning!

I was born and raised in Montana by my absolutely amazing parents Travis and Jenny alongside my two younger sisters Kinley and Haiden. We've always been pretty close and I can not be more thankful for the love and support they have always given me. We have had many pets over the years including 7 cats, a fish and two dogs. Of course not all at the same time, but I have loved them all so so much!

I was always a super shy kid and didn't have many friends until high school when I found another passion of mine - the trumpet. I had been playing since the 5th grade, but hadn't really "learned" anything. In fact, I went into the audition not knowing the names of any of the notes! My band director told me that I had a lot of potential though if I really wanted to go for it, so I did. I started taking private lessons and practicing in my spare time and within a year I jumped from last chair in the lowest of the three wind bands at my school, all the way to the top band. I even joined jazz band and numerous brass bands and met lots of new friends who became like a second family to me. It was also during my sophomore year that I started my photography business. Up until that point, it had just been something I did for fun or for my Instagram.

I continued both of those passions on into college where I majored in trumpet performance and continued my photography business on the side. I joined many of the bands here too including marching band where I met one of the most special people in my life - my husband, Andy. He was a weirdo thats for sure, but I loved it. He was also incredibly funny, talented and determined. We were pretty much inseparable from then on and spent nearly all of our free time together. 

In the next couple of years, lots changed! I switched to a marketing major my second year in college (not because I didn't love music any more, but because I wanted to continue trumpet on the side while really going for my photography business) and Andy continued on as a music major (but we were still pretty much always together). Then he joined the Marines as he had been talking about doing for awhile now. He auditioned for the Marine band on euphonium and made it in! 

During what would have been our third year of college, I left college all together as my photography business really started to kick off and Andy left for basic training. I wrote him letters every day and booked my ticket to see him graduate that summer. I cannot describe how amazing it felt to finally see him again. (If you would like more of a post on life as a Marine spouse, let me know!) I continued my photography business on in Montana while he continued on with combat training in California and then all the way across the country to Virginia for his MOS schooling! We called and texted as much as we could during that time and I got to see him again between MCT and his MOS schooling. About halfway through his schooling, he flew home again in an attempt to surprise me for Christmas / New Years and a couple days before New Years, Andy asked me to marry him! And of course I said yes. I was going to marry my best friend!

We have been through a whole lot together and we finally married and moved in together in April of 2018! Although we only had a very small courthouse ceremony, we are planning the actual wedding we have always wanted for later in the future. :)

Now, I live all the way across the country and am getting used to life in North Carolina! I am absolutely loving the beaches and the magical-ness of the fireflies and cannot wait to do some more exploring. Not to mention meeting tons of new friends and clients over here!