And so it is Fall

Andy and I are finally back and almost completely unpacked from our crazy evacuation adventure. It’s like moving in all over again!

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I currently live in Jacksonville, NC and had to evacuate thanks to Hurricane Florence. Luckily we came back to minimal damage to our apartment but unfortunately others were not as lucky. It’s weird driving around town searching for stores that have milk or eggs that day. Its weird seeing trees uprooted and on their sides or tilted so far over that it looks like gravity shifted. Its weird to see the many roofs that are nearly torn off or collapsed in on themselves. The first few days after being back felt like we were in a ghost town.

Thankfully, we had many people offer to open their homes to us during the evacuation and we ended up staying with some friends’ family in Jefferson, GA. These folks were some of the kindest people I have ever met. They harbored 9 Marines, two wives and three dogs in their home and did it with a smile. Southern hospitality is most definitely a thing too. I think each of the neighbors brought over enough food to keep us fed for almost every meal the week we were there and it felt like the entire town knew about us.

During our time in Georgia we explored Athens where I found some of the cutest stores and even bought one of my new favorite outfits from a little boutique (don’t worry, I will definitely be posting pictures later). Athens reminded me of a larger scale version of the college town I grew up in in Montana and I absolutely loved it. I would love to go back and explore even more some day. We also drove to Atlanta the last night we were there to celebrate my husband’s birthday a day early as we were driving back on his birthday (what a trooper). We went to Top Golf and then a hole in the wall bar with amazing food called the Vortex (definitely check this place out if you’re over 21).

The drive back to Jacksonville went amazing until we were about an hour out. We had made great time and were going to make it home around dinner but unfortunately we finally came to a rode closure and it all went downhill from there. The flood waters were still rising so they closed off numerous roads and highways and we could not find a way in to Jacksonville. Thankfully, someone on the Camp Lejeune Spouses Facebook page had been stuck in that same place the night before and was able to get us directions! It still took us hours and hours to drive with traffic and wind around these side roads but be finally made it home late that night. Our 7 hour trip had turned into 13 hours. Needless to say, I don’t want to be in another car for at least a month!

On a completely different note, IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL.

If you know me at all, you know Fall is probably my favorite season. It has the best clothes, decorations, food, and so much more. And to start it off, I figured I would share a few of my current favorites:


While we still don’t have a ton of things in our apartment, we are slowly gathering items that make our house feel more like a home. The bedroom is definitely one of my favorite rooms right now, especially this little corner. I found these neat metal picture frames at Marshalls and printed some of my favorite photos of us off at Walgreens. Black and white of course because I’m a little obsessed.


This is definitely one of my favorite candles I have ever smelt and SURPRISE, its yet another Hearth & Hand - Magnolia - Target item. All of that stuff is just too good. This one - Sugared Birch - smells a bit like Christmas Tree but not overwhelming or too winter-y if you know what I mean. Its a warm and comforting smell and if anyone wanted to buy me a bajillion of these I wouldn’t be mad. I bought this size and one smaller and we have already used the little one. It lasted us a lot longer than expected too which is super nice!


This little wooden pumpkin is my first Fall decoration for our place. I bought it at TJ Maxx for only $3.99 and its perfect. I need more.


I have never owned a pair of Lucky Brand jeans before and now I am definitely addicted. They fit so so so well and look great. I’m digging the cut out trend at the bottom too. I think it’s just such a neat detail (my husband doesn’t get it though, hehe).


Another TJ Maxx steal are these shoes. They are platform too which makes them ideal for this short girl right here. I think they also pair really nice with these white pants. OOoo and I should mention they are ridiculously comfortable.


I found these candlesticks at Marshalls and instantly threw them in my cart. They look and feel just like antiques! I can’t wait to put candles in them too to complete the look.


I bought this sweater awhile back and have been waiting very impatiently to be able to wear it. I feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket and the off the shoulder part can be worn off either one shoulder or both which I really like.


This lamp was another TJ Maxx find (surprise, surprise). I’m not normally a brass loving person (I tend to stick to silvers), but on this lamp, it just works. The rope cord is a neat detail and theres even a place to plug your phone in on the bottom! How handy! (Now we just need some nightstands…)


My mom actually surprised Andy and I with these aprons and I love them so much. It’s just fun to be able to throw them on with your spouse and cook dinner. Or is that just me?


And that’s it. This turned out to be quite the long post, so if you made it all the way to the end, I love you.

I hope this got you as excited for Fall as I am!