Natural Light

There is something just so refreshing about natural light. It's almost as if it is the perfect cure for a bad mood or when you're feeling sad... It's peaceful and always reminds me that everything will be alright. Sounds kind of silly to say, but its true. In natural light I instantly feel refreshed and ready to be productive.

The light in my Grandma's house this morning was a perfect example of this so of course I whipped out my camera and set up the tripod precariously on the other bed to get a few shots.

For those of you who are curious, I am wearing this cute mesh t-shirt from TJ Maxx underneath an Old Navy jumpsuit. Paired with some clip-on hoop earrings (because I'm still not too hip on the idea of actually piercing my ears), this look is effortless, comfy but also pretty cute - and gets me excited for Spring!

A little update on my life: I have finished setting up the month of March in my Bullet Journal, read through the latest issue of Magnolia Journal (and reread the other issues), and took up watercolor painting (I'm obsessed)!